Cosmic Top Secret Game



is an autobiographical adventure video game about T. The player follows her journey to uncover the truth about her parents’ work with Danish Intelligence during the Cold War. What exactly was it that they did?

You must control T on her uncertain journey into adulthood and an atomic war that never happened but yet wounded a family. Surreal elements, human relationships, history, and secrecy come together to form a complex gaming experience.




By rolling T as a paperball through a world of authentic Cold War flotsam and playful mechanics, you ask yourself the same universal questions as T asks: Who am I? Should I inherit anything important from my parents that I’m not aware of?

Throughout the game, you help T master her fragile paper existence by undergoing military activities like orienteering, throwing hand grenades, marching, aerial spy photography, and codebreaking. T gradually edges towards the heart of the story and to revealing a secret of her own.



Genre: Third-person documentary adventure

Key features: Paperlike core controls that progresses through 6 levels and incorporates puzzles, unorthodox mechanics and short films

Platform: Tablets, mobiles iOS/Android and PC/Mac

Status: Expected to launch spring 2018

Target: The indie-gamer longing for a somewhat different & meaningful experience

Playtime: 6-11 hours

Awarded the main prize at AMaze, Berlin 2016: “Most Amazing Game”, the “Culture prize” at IndieCade LA 2017 & the IDFA Doclab Award for Digital Storytelling 2017

Nominated for the “NUOVO” Award at IGF + 2 honorable mentions for “Excellence in Narrative” & the “Seumas McNally Grand Prize”.


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Cosmic Top Secret

and the nomination for the NUOVO award goes to: Cosmic Top Secret! wuhu - thanks for a fantastic conference #GDC2018 & #IGF now the women auxiliary air force can fly home to 💤 ... See MoreSee Less

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Awesome game. Most intriguing game I saw at GDC this year. Looking forward to spending some time in it. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cosmic Top Secret is meeting with the community.
Cosmic Top Secret

‘Do we really know each other?’ Talking at the 1. annual cosmic communist collective gamedesign summit #GDC2018 in San Francisco. Speakers: Lise Saxtrup, Kristian Torgard & Trine Laier. 📷 Jonatan Van Hove GAMEDESIGNERS UNITE! ... See MoreSee Less

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Go marching with T's mom, the danish queen and the Women Auxiliary Force!


NOMINATED for the ”Nuovo Award” at IGF during GDC in San Francisco as well as some honorable mentions for “Excellence in Narrative” and “Seumas McNally Grand Prize”.

WON the IDFA Doclab Award for Interactive Storytelling in Amsterdam  2017 🇫🇷

WON the Culture Award at IndieCade LA 2017 🇺🇸

The Culture Award – These games offer us new settings and cast their spotlights on unconventional figures. It is the festival’s firmest belief that a diversity of viewpoints and creators not only makes our field stronger, but improves each of us as human beings as well. The Culture Award honors creative individuals whose work reaches out to new communities and taps into subject matter they alone can bring to life.


NOMINATED at both the Indiecade festival in LA and at the same time the FoST festival, Future of Storytelling in NY and we’re pretty happy about it. 🤸‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️🥁


WON the Most Amazing Game Award – main prize at the 2016 A MAZE International Independent Games Festival in Berlin 🇩🇪

The jury: “Cosmic Top Secret struck us in both its playfulness and maturity. Its multi-disciplinary approach shone through in its abandonment of the orthodox, and in so many ways it felt an entirely fresh experience that we’d like to see more of in games.”





Director: Trine Laier
Producer: Lise Saxtrup
Composer: Bjørn Svin
Programmers: Sune Hede & Kristian Torgard
Game Designer: Mads Lyngvig Jespersen
Art & Level Designer/Developer: Jannik Faarvang Petersen
Copywriting, Translation & Testing: Clarissa Grace Chang
Additional Game Design: Gearworks & Jonatan Van Hove

QA & UX Manager: Mads Hagemann Nielsen
Technical Artist: Simon Engelbrecht & Jon Murray Vinther
Animation: Michael Bech Hussein & Catherine Beyer
3D Graphics: Faysal Fuad Khalil & Nicklas Kludt

Sound: Anne Gry Friis Kristensen, Andreas Busk

Kristoffer Salting & Anders Børup

Photographer: Lis Dyre & Lise Saxtrup
Editors: Grete Møldrup & Nanna Nederlund

Dramaturg: Stine Skot

Manuscript: Mette Sø, Michael Valeur & Trine Laier
Research: Gökhan Kuvvetli

Producers assistent: Sofie Rørdam
2D Graphics and concepts: Io Helweg & Sabine Hviid
Graphic Design website: Andreas Kjærgaard / A




Klassefilm in co-production with Those Eyes

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Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union, The Danish Film Institute, New Danish Screen, Nordic Games and The Danish Animation Society





Thanks a million times to everybody involved in the prototypes so far, quite a few students, professionals and, enthusiastic volunteers have participated – you know who you are!



Anna Roth
Thomas Fleron
Joachim Von Westen Jørgensen
Eline & Mikkel Nepper-Christensen
Mogens Kjær
Ingvild Iin Saxtrup
Olga Randløv-Decitre
Martin Houlind
Li Dahlgren Lindblom
Silke Nedergaard
Marius Nedergaard
Nacho Pintos
Francesco Rugerfred Sedda
Gustav Thoreson
Ville Thoreson
Katcha Koch Winther
Maya Bonde Zachariassen



The National Film School of Denmark

Art Director: Sarah Sillehoved Allagui. Photographer: Lis Dyre. Sound Design: Kristoffer Salting. Lead Programmer: Michael Godlowski-Maryniak. Game Designers: Amani Naseem & Eske Knudsen. Producer: Lise Saxtrup, Klassefilm. Producer Game: Dajana Dimovska, Knapnok Games. Production Manager: NC Sixhøj. 3D Artist: Catherine Beyer, Faysal Fuad Khalil, Nicklas Kludt, Mark Bo Jensen, Kåre Pelle, Peter Meldgaard. Interface Designer: Simone C. Møller. Visual Effects & Leveldesign: Jannik Faarvang Petersen, Filip Lange-Nielsen. Animator: Carmen Elina Hannibal, Glenn August Bournonville Lange, Aimall Sharifi, Michael Bech. Programmer: Kaspar Lyngsie, Patrick Jarnfelt, Jawid Faizi. Sound Programmer: Mads Stenhøj Andresen. Editor trailer: Sofie Marie Kristensen.

Secret record equipment: Poul Jensen. Manuscript: Nikolaj Scherfig. Manuscript: Ina Bruhn. Editing: Peter Winther. Art: Henrik B Andersen. Rigging: Sasha Ciolac. Sound: Morten Mygind. Programming: Tim Garbos, Jesper Taxbøl, Emil Angryant Johansen.

Animation Department, The National Film School of Denmark
Gunnar Wille. Alice de Champfleury. Hans-Erik Philip. Kristine Ploug. Søren Lundgaard. Paul Køster. Lars Brok. Jon Vinther. Elizabeth Rosen.

Thanks to:
Kursusleder: MJ-R Anders Poulsen
Retning A: Feltsport. Leder: Birger Hoff
Retning B: Skydning. Leder: PL-R Erik Bruun Lorentzen
Retning C: Fysisk træning. Leder: MJ-R Peter A Henriksen

Ulrich Breuning.

Datahistorisk Forening ved:
Finn Verner Nielsen. Christian Gram. Henrik Ascanius Jacobsen. Poul-Henning Kamp. Uffe Jakobsen. Ole Nørgaard Nielsen. Thorkil Naur. Bent Scharøe Petersen. Danmarks Tekniske Museum ved: Jens Breinegaard. Stevnsfortet. Nordea Vesterport. Martin de Thurah. Rune Hilbert. Thomas Howalt. Anna Gerd Ellerbæk. Christoffer Emil Bruun. Hans Davidsen-Nielsen. Malik Thomas Spang Bruun. Asta Ravn Cornelius. Mikkel Bang Sørensen. Liv Caroline Lindegaard. Nicolaj Schweitz. Hans von Knut. Arne Bro.

iPhone sticker art: Thomas Fleron Jørgensen.

'It's weird and it's wonderful and it's fresh' - Ingrid Kopp, Tribeca New Media Fund (USA)


Selected references in English:


Selected to speak at the Independent Games Summit at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco

Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet:


Cosmic Top Secret is a charming mobile game about one family’s Cold War secrets

In Japanese game magazine by Naoki Yoshimura:



Won the main prize: “Most Amazing Game Award” at the 5th International Independent Videogames A MAZE Festival in Berlin:


Showcased at the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS) art exhibition:

Selected to speak at the Independent Games Summit at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Europe in Cologne (The 2015 European Innovative Games Showcase). Special mention in Heise magazine:

Pitching at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam: IDFA Forum

Talk at Streaming Kids (arranged by The Danish Filminstitute)


Talk at AniRey, Iceland:


Tempo Festival, Stockholm


“Documentarian Trine Laier and producer Lise Saxtrup talk about turning family history into a whole new medium.” Interview with Pamela Cohn:  Bomb Magazine

Doc Leipzig panel, The Real Game!


Selected references in Swedish:


“Familjehistorian blev ipadspel”. Av Kristoffer Viita: SVT Nyheter, Kultur


Selected references in Danish:


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“Nyskabende filmskoleprojekter er fulde af skæve grin”. Af Søren Winterberg:  5 hearts review in Politiken

“I like that it’s emotional and not just brainy.” Annika Gustafson, Boost Hbg